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Xkloosiv Tunes

These are the standalone tunes.
These, for whatever reason, aren't a part of any real "set."  Some of them, such as "Echoes of a Mallet Dream" and "The Better Place" were part of various beta-sets, but over time I dropped most of those. 
Anyway, yeah.  The assortment here is pretty wide as far as styles go.  You get some electronic stuff, dance oriented stuff, as well as the more acoustic or natural sounding side of things.  Ironically, this "Xkloosiv" set might just show more ranges of what I can do than what any of the other actual SETS can.

11 - The Better Place

Is this disco or funk or something? Whatever, I don't know. It has that 4-to-the-floor thing going on and bongos. Whatever! I like this one a lot, it was fun to make.

12 - Home Skool

A pretty cool tune with a verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-verse-chorus pattern.  I guess it can put you in the mind of some kind of old-school urban flow.  Made it with the thought of an actual real song in my brain.

13 - Tech-Altika Inc. Labs

This is a song I did with some kind of laboratory/secret base theme in mind.  It's pretty cool to listen to.  I don't know what kind of game it would fit in though, if any.  Someone told me it sounds like the opening to one of those crime-drama shows.

14 - 420

Song I made on April 20th for 420 obviously.  You smoke it and you get high.

15 - 420 (Instrumental)

Aaaaaaaaaand this would be the jammin instrumental to that.

Crossing Parallels ZOMG contradiction!!