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Xkloosiv Tunes

These are the standalone tunes.
These, for whatever reason, aren't a part of any real "set."  Some of them, such as "Echoes of a Mallet Dream" and "The Better Place" were part of various beta-sets, but over time I dropped most of those. 
Anyway, yeah.  The assortment here is pretty wide as far as styles go.  You get some electronic stuff, dance oriented stuff, as well as the more acoustic or natural sounding side of things.  Ironically, this "Xkloosiv" set might just show more ranges of what I can do than what any of the other actual SETS can.

00 - An Organ Show!

Some kind of gamey, organ-rock song thingie.  Actually still kinda tweaking this one.

01 - Crossing Parallels

String and harp song I did, perhaps with that "rpg" kind of feel to it.  It's decent I suppose.

02 - Street Beep

A highly-sampled hip-hop inspired tune I did.  Lots of voice, police and crowd ambience, etc

03 - Mycology

The "lite" version of the song "Mushroom" I did.  This version of "Mushroom" lacks half of the fillers and samples.  The exact same song only instruments and the main melody sample omitted.

04 - Canopy Call

A nature/rainforest inspired jungle-theme song I made quite a while back.  Sound compression kinda screws up some parts but it otherwise sounds okay.

05 - Casette Tape Eater

I took a drum loop sample and cut it up for the percussion in this song, and then started splattering this strange sound all over the place that sounds like a casette tape being eater by a tape player.  Added some basses and stuff and got this.  Still a work in progress though.

06 - Breezy Game

My stab at a jazz and funk type of fusion.  Uses some weird saxophone soundfont lol.  I like this one personally...

07 - Plain Old Midi Piano Doo-Dad

A piano and piano-ONLY song I made using well.. midi pianos. Not even 2 minutes long. It's pretty straighforward. Lots of arpeggios.

08 - Mushroom

The full, all-instruments-included version of "Mycology." Some synth sounds and the main melody (which is absent in "Mycology") are FL Studio stock sounds that I built the rest of the elements around.

09 - DrippyDrops

ONE OF MY FAVORITES!  It also happens to be the newest of my fully completed tunes (that is to say, not WIP).  All sounds heard here are from GM/GS midi.  There is no percussion.  I dunno what the genre would be; it isn't electronic in any way though.  Give DrippyDrops a try!

10 - Echoes Of A Mallet Dream

A dance-ish tune I made with a xylophone as a lead melody. The percussion is super layered. There are 2 of my own self-created drum loops overlapping each other, and a outside-sampled drum loop mixed in with those

Crossing Parallels ZOMG contradiction!!