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These are some words to help you understand some of the things I'm talking about on the site:
OFFICIAL ALBUM - These are albums of a more recent date, and the ones I consider as official.  These albums showcase my own personal style, and have higher quality and better mastering.
Examples: "Every Day Journey" album , "Western Star Battle Disco Wars" album
PROJECT ALBUM - These are also OFFICIAL albums, but they differ in that these are concept albums.  OFFICIAL albums show my own personal style, whereas project albums are albums which seek to establish a theme, and might include styles that are different than my own.
Example: The fictional videogame soundtrack "Desdemona"
XKLOOSIV - These are individual songs that don't even belong to any specific album set.  Think of these as singles.
Examples: "Crossing Parallels" song, "Home Skool" song
Older Sets - These are older album sets of mine that I do not consider OFFICIAL for a variety of reasons.  Mostly because they were back in my experimental stage of learning how to effectively compose.  For that, the styles of the songs vary quite a bit, they have bad sound and audio level mastering, and might be bad quality or bitrate.  These can be viewed as my BETA albums, or demos.
Example: "Pitch Bender" album
Work In Progress (WIP) - This is an uncompleted album, whether it be a plain old OFFICIAL album, or a PROJECT album.  For this, the songs included in a page marked "Work In Progress" should not be considered as final versions, whatsoever.  All songs are subject to change.  These are early demo versions available for you to listen to ahead of time - upon a WIP's completion and it's placement into either OFFICIAL or PROJECT, it is very highly advised to redownload and replace each and every mp3 that you previously got from the WIP list.  There is also a WIP page for special MP3's in progress.

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